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📹 Make content that gets attention and engagement, without taking tons of time.

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There's something between you, your art and your potential fans...



⚠️ It's not an algorithm or a trend. ⚠️




The knowledge of who you are as an artist and a human, and the trust necessary to pay you for your work.

To make a living as an artist online, people need to like the artist as much as the art. When they do...


👉 They will become a fan.

👉 They will trust you more.

👉 They will buy more of your art.

That's how I can help.


My resources and programs help you identify what makes you unique to your people while implementing that unique message into your art, social media, etc. so you can build a community that supports your creative work both emotionally and monetarily.

Don't change you or your art, just change how people perceive it.

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My Name Is Lennon.

As a kid who grew up watching my mother go through abusive relationship after abusive relationship, I've developed a deep aversion to manipulative strategies and surface level ideas that strip away our voice as creatives...


Throughout my career I've been lucky enough to have been on Billboard top 200 albums, made over $40k from a song I spent just a few hours on, worked for a company where we grew people's online audience by millions and their views by billions - and now I've helped my own community get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of people in their own communities...not to mention, earn tens of thousands of dollars in revenue from their art.

But none of that REALLY matters to me. I mean - sure, it matters. I LOVE what I do...

But what matters to me is helping creative people start to see their own worth. To see them come alive when they understand why what they're creating can mean more to someone else. To help them find their community.

By just being themself.

That's what I'm all about.